Storyteller in the 21st century

A story is like the lyrics of a song, it conveys emotions and helps to establish a bond with a song, a musician or an instrument.
We combine products with a story so that it excites and helps the brand to grow.

We are constantly looking for the best recipe that ensures success for our customers

Storytelling is a communication tactic that consists in narrating a story capable of seducing the listener and putting him in a particularly receptive state and therefore attracting him to the true message that the story wants to convey to him, stimulating a specific desire and persuading him to make a specific action. In summary, it is about persuading by telling a story. Storytelling is a really powerful tool: telling stories through storytelling often brings with it an emotional charge capable of convincing like few other communication techniques and simply because it manages to transfer ideas and points of view to the target in an extremely direct and engaging way.

To understand how important storytelling is, let’s imagine a consumer intent on choosing between two guitars, price and equivalent characteristics: the first guitar is advertised with a video that lists its elements, merits and technical qualities, the second is represented in the videos of a band, of an artist who lives on music and is enthusiastic about his project, who invents and composes with his guitar, spends hours in the rehearsal room up to perform in a show with it

Which guitar will be sold?

Storytelling - QuQo
Storytelling - QuQo

Probably the second! Here, storytelling is this; an action that allows you to get in touch with your customers through the persuasive narration of your own story.