QuQo: a group of enthusiastic and creative minds

Engage in bringing new ideas and strategies to life in music marketing

Through the formulation of new strategies

That generate greater user engagement

And that they create measurable results

That allow for real growth

Whose skills are combined with the needs of the music sector

Musical knowledge

We can boast of fans of the music industry thanks to the collaboration with full-time artists, bands and musicians

Social presence

QuQo team is not made up of normal artists, but musicians who have created their image through content and activities on social media, therefore they have created an audience with which to communicate


A story is a vehicle that carries emotions, and these emotions can be bent for the purpose of making contact or promoting a sale. We work alongside companies to find these stories and develop them correctly so that they excite and become a tool for growth.

Storytelling is a very powerful tool to communicate a service, but it is completed when it becomes a means to focus attention on the product.


Music Marketing

Making your way into the world of music in this era is difficult, but impossible if you don’t apply an online presence and image strategy.

Our team works every day to expand their online presence and create a loyal audience to communicate with.

To sell a product it is essential to support it with a person who has a solid image online and an established credibility as a skilled musician.

And a vision looking towards the future

Qu: Qo is a communication agency highly specialized in the conception of creative solutions that develop around all channels and all digital platforms and which focus on the music sector.

Qu: Qo designs and realizes contents that reach people’s hearts even before the mind and to succeed, it exploits every smallest weakness of the human soul, inspired by desires that defy logic and win over the reality of reason.

Our mission is very clear: to work to grow the number of customers and the market shares of our customers and partners. Many agencies tend to forget or hide this type of goal. Not us. The services we offer represent an opportunity for our clients to make use of an agency strongly oriented towards producing profit.