Innovative Business Thinking

QuQo: Ideas and Marketing Strategies for Musical Instruments Makers


it is fundamental in music as well as in the promotion of musical instruments and in any case devoted to achieving the result


Never ours alone, but the result of a merger with that of the customer


Creative, pragmatic, manic and a little crazy. Certainly different


The goal is to combine our skills with the wishes of our customers to create, together, a unique and unrepeatable concert.

Mix with a strange strategic vision

We are an uncommon agency, made up of professional musicians (by night) and marketing and communication experts (by day) completely dedicated to their work, perhaps a little crazy, but incredibly dedicated to the search for success.

And a "Customer-Centric" approach that makes the difference

We must never forget how much we learn from customers. How many times, from conversations with new or even potential customers, new ideas are born or we discover production processes that until yesterday we did not know or thought totally different and how many times from these discoveries new business opportunities arise. In this world overflowing with gurus and influencers, the customer is, in our approach, the center of everything.

And contents executed with skill and passion

Video Marketing

In 2020, 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. This has grown from 78% in 2015, showing that the importance of video is only growing. Well, according to 88% of marketers, video marketing provides them with positive ROI.

Social Media Marketing

We develop social communication tactics useful for companies to promote products and / or services, increase sales, improve the relationship with customers and create their own brand positioning or increase visibility, the correct perception of the brand in order to obtain a really interesting ROI .


A story is a vehicle that carries emotions, and these emotions can be bent for the purpose of making contact or promoting a sale. We tell and create stories online through our contents so that they excite and thus become a tool for growth. Our team has created their own passionate audience who are looking forward to our stories.


L’attività di SEO si pone come scopo ultimo “spingere” i contenuti di un sito web sui motori di ricerca in modo che quando un utente inizia una ricerca per un argomento coerente con le attività delle aziende nostre Clienti, questi risultino nelle prime posizioni delle pagine di Google o di qualsiasi altro motore di ricerca. ​


Creating a successful website is never a coincidence or a fortuitous blow: starting from the technological choices, passing through the design process to the assembly, every aspect of the creation of a good website requires: design approach, ability to communicate and a lot, a lot of experience.

Because communicating is not just a job

(for us)

Communicating is a primary need of man in continuous evolution, it is the sine qua non of human life and the social system, it is the ability to communicate that allows man a social life, contact with other people, the sense of membership. Each individual is involved from the very beginning of his existence in a vast process of acquiring communication rules of which, however, he is only minimally aware.

But while man can count on instinct to relate to the surrounding environment, a company no, it is forced, also given the many fronts it has to deal with, to analyze, plan and program a communication strategy whose results are consistent with the effort made and easily measurable. And this is where we come in.